Philosophies of Business

Every corporation, brand, political party, charity and sole trader will have its own individual identity which dictates how it interacts with its consumer and fellow organisations. A code by which its every action is underpinned.

Sir James Dyson once declared that "You need a stubborn belief in an idea in order to see it realised"; such a belief has to be instilled at every echelon of ones organisation, or else the organisation betrays all that it sets out to acheive in each of its every actions. 

There is a distinct problem that can consume organisations; they may believe fully in principles which they have set out as the cornerstone of thier working practices, yet if they fail to act them out then they hold little resonance. To betray the philosphy is to betray your product or service. Therefore, it is paramount that the ideology is the life blood of every action.

The belief of a customer in an organisation certainly can be waivered if said organisation fails to practice what it preaches. Evidence of such occurences are widespread, an example of which is a nationwide commercial computer store. where staff aren't provided with up to date computing systems, leaving staff and customers alike wasting their time waiting for Windows XP to load up in order to process a transaction. Despite this, the company's rhetoric remains that it is vital we  all use the most revolutionary new Desktops, Laptops and Tablets for personal and professional use,  even though they can't provide their own staff at grassroots the same systems. 

Imagine finding yourself in a forest, in which you had never before visited, without a map or any means to find your way out, the frustration would be over-bearing. Similarly, if the philosophy of an organisation fails to resonate through every level of the business, the customers and employees are likely to experience a similar frustration. Employees would wander through a working day in a fashion akin to being in the forest, they would be ultimately lost without a philosopy. By extension customer service may suffer, while the quality of work produced by staff could become inhibited. The establishment of a mission statement, the articulation of the vision and the embedding of philosophy through action, are all vital in order to stop any problems regarding clarity of vision.

Frank Stannard

Creative Director